These Hermanus issues need attention

Your HRA EXCO is constantly looking after the interests of members. What follows is a list of current issues we’re dealing with.

#1. ERF 7182 at 39 Marine Drive

ERF 7182 at 39 Marine Drive is a planned development of 4 stories with 21 luxury units on a plot of 1667 sqm zoned to accommodate far fewer units. With 2 bathrooms in most of the units, penthouse suites with private swimming pools and with parking for 42 cars we feel that this is densification gone mad. We have objected following a rezoning and approval by the Municipal Planning Tribunal. It is common knowledge that infrastructure in the area is inadequate, and this development simply exacerbates the problem.

#2. Cat and Dog Draft By-law

Comment is called for from the public on this draft before the 3rd September. There are some important changes being made which pet owners need to be aware of. Unless you take the trouble to read it and have your say your complaints will be to no avail. This is Public Participation at work. Follow this link:

Note: Comments can be submitted via email to [email protected]

#3. Grotto East picnic area berm

Following a years-long process of engagement with the OM the rehabilitation of the seaward side of the area was approved and a project approved. Covid and high-water levels conspired to delay the work getting done. It now appears that a new EIA is required to be completed before this long overdue issue can be resolved. We are not happy and are questioning the current opinion of the Environmental Department.

#4. Cliff Path maintenance

On the back of a rejuvenated Cliff Path Management Group under the leadership of Ross Dewar the HRA made a substantial donation towards raising the standards on this essential component of life in our ward. The stretch between the two Kwaaiwater parking areas is the major beneficiary. Your subs being put to work.

#5. Voëlklip vendor

At the last Ward 3 committee meeting we expressed concern regarding the vendor at Voëlklip expanding his operation beyond the demarcated area and spreading onto the grassed area as well as erecting solar panels above his vehicle. It looks tacky and not in keeping with the standard expected. Once boundaries are pushed it’s difficult to have them re-set.

#6. Some other issues

The following issues also need attention:

  • The Land Rover workshop behind the service station opposite Lizette’s.
  • Road markings in the Kwaaiwater area.
  • Barriers on the gravel road above the golf course.
  • Homeless people living at De Mond.
  • Delays in getting potholes repaired across Ward 3.

We need your continued support

Our active involvement and engagement with local authorities and the community are vital in addressing these issues. By expressing concerns, participating in public feedback processes, and collaborating with relevant groups, we can work towards finding solutions that benefit the community and maintain the quality of life in our area.

How can you contribute?

  • by joining our organsiation; and
  • by bringing relevant matters of concern to our attention.

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