The rationale behind the 2023 amendment of the HRA Constitution

There was a need to bring the HRA Constitution in line with SARS requirements in order to introduce a number of safeguards into the Constitution. Clause 3 of the Constitution has been amended accordingly to include these requirements.

At the same time the Executive Committee of the HRA believed that a liability clause should be introduced, indemnifying both committee members and other members against claims made against them for actions taken in good faith. This necessitated the introduction of a new Clause 13.

Whilst attending to these essential amendments the Executive Committee of the HRA saw fit to deal with certain procedural aspects of the Constitution in order to facilitate the running of future Special General Meetings and AGMs without compromising the efficacy of the HRA. Thus, for example, in accordance with this thinking, Clauses 15 and 16 have been amended by reducing the numbers of members forming a quorum from 25 to 15 members present at the AGM, and the numbers forming a quorum in respect of a Special General Meeting have been amended from 25 to 15.

In addition a variety of other small, non-material, structural changes have been attended to order to make the constitution more easily accessible.


Please view the latest draft Constitution here:

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