Scrutinising the draft OM budget

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As you might already know, the new Municipal Draft budget has been made public and is available on the municipal website.

Link to the Draft Budget

The Hermanus Ratepayers Association will commence with an in-depth analysis which will be sent to all members. This analysis will contain the key elements which may be of interest and concern to ratepayers and enable them to articulate their concerns to the municipality. We believe that a coordinated approach involving substantial numbers of respondents will carry considerable weight in influencing required amendments. These comments need to be submitted by the 5th May 2023. There will be a public Ward Committee meeting on Tuesday 4th May at 18:00 at the Auditorium where the Draft Budget will be reviewed.


Please find below a link to the site which provides a downloadable rates calculator.
You will notice that the proposed “cents in the Rand” factor used to calculate Rates has been lowered but that the increase in the municipal property valuations will result in a substantial increase to the monthly Rates of many property owners. We believe that the proposed “cent in the Rand” factor is too high and should be further decreased to accommodate a more realistic increase to property Rates. As with other matters relating to the Budget a coordinated response from ratepayers to lower this factor may be persuasive.

Download the rates calculator


If you have not yet joined the Ratepayers association we encourage you to do so. Collectively we can do more to influence the attainment of desired outcomes for our community than by standing alone. Visit the site to join.

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