New HRA membership drive

The HRA is embarking on a membership awareness drive. And membership for the rest of 2023 is free!

6 reasons to join us

  • Through us, you will have a voice in matters of local government.
  • We ensure that ratepayers’ requests, complaints and queries sent to the Municipal Council are dealt with effectively.
  • As we actively participate in the annual Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and Budget process of the Municipality, we can keep an eye on municipal expenditure.
  • Through us you will be able to contribute actively to the preservation of the traditional character and beauty of Hermanus.
  • We monitor applications for re-zonings, densification, and other land use changes.
  • We are represented on various local bodies – engaging in issues such as property valuations, and the by-laws relating to non-leash areas for dogs, sterilization of animals, dog fighting.

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