Five reasons to join the Hermanus Ratepayers Association

Have you recently moved to Hermanus and count yourself lucky? Or have you been living here for some time, savouring your privilege and not dreaming of moving elsewhere? But how do you make it last?

The Overstrand Municipality will look after us … will they?

Our Municipality is one of the best in the country. Each year they receive a clean audit. In April of 2022, they were named as one of the 8 top municipalities in the annual Blue Drop report on water quality. Our mayor is one of the most responsive. And yet …

How will the OM know of your needs?

With so many balls to keep in the air, the OM can unknowingly neglect areas of which they are simply unaware, or even have to ignore them because of workloads. A democracy needs pro-active citizens. Things can deteriorate overnight. Organised groups have greater impact and yes: this is where we, the HRA, come in. We have representation on the Ward 3 Committee, and we have clout.

What’s in it for you?

Our Mission, Vision and Goals are set out on our About page and in our constitution. For you it means:

  1. You will be empowered to become involved in matters of the municipality.
  2. You will be able to contribute actively to the preservation of the traditional character and beauty of Hermanus.
  3. Through us, you will have a voice in matters of local government.
  4. You can help ensure that municipal services are provided in an economical, effective, efficient, transparent and accountable manner; and
  5. You will have the opportunity to constructively work with the municipality – so much more effective than complaining on social media!

We need you to help us stand together and to be a strong lobbying force – for you!

Not convinced yet? See: How we work for you

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