Assistance with objections to property valuations

In response to the widespread concern regarding the updated valuation roll the HRA will be offering assistance to property owners who need help completing and submitting the forms. We have been offered space at some offices in Voëlklip where we will have forms available as well as someone to assist with the completion thereof and we will move location depending on where requests for assistance come from.

This service is aimed particularly to those who are unfamiliar with the process or who are infirm or elderly. We will also assist those who are housebound and cannot travel to one of the assistance venues.

What you will need

  1. A copy of your new valuation showing Street address and ERF Number
  2. A copy of your latest Municipal account
  3. Details of any Bond or other finance on your property
  4. Your ID
  5. If you are not the registered owner, then proof of authorisation to act on owners’ behalf.
  6. Any detail at your disposal regarding recent property sales in your immediate area
  7. Reasons why you believe that your valuation is unreasonable.

What we will do

  • Provide official objection forms.
  • Assist you completing the form.
  • Refer you to an Estate Agent who will assist you in obtaining an official valuation.
  • If you are not mobile we will visit you at your home.

What you need to do

Call Antoinette van Niekerk on 082 555 1154 to schedule an appointment.

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